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About The Trainer: Nishant Kasibhatla

Nishant Kasibhatla is a trainer, speaker & best-selling author and is the director of Memory Vision – The Memory Training Company in Singapore.

He is a World Record Holder and the 1st and only Grandmaster of Memory and International Master of Memory in Singapore.

grand master of memory

nishant kasibhatla certificate
Nishant Receiving
Grand Master of Memory
Medal from Tony Buzan
International Master of Memory Certificate

Nishant  is a popular speaker and trainer with over 12 years experience in conducting training in areas such as Peak Mental Performance, Memory Improvement, Motivation and Success for multi-national companies, schools, students & individuals of all walks of life around the globe.

He has conducted training in 8 countries across 3 continents. Some of his corporate clients include: Singapore Police Force, Citibank, Shell, Coca Cola, NTUC FairPrice, Philips, Petronas, Nestle, American Express, LG etc.

He is the best-selling author of one of the most comprehensive books on memory techniques – Instant Memory Improvement. He is also the ‘author’ of 2 Audio CDs for students - 11 Easy Ways To Become A Top Student & 11 Easy Ways To Develop A Positive Mindset, Manage Time Effectively and Remember Things Easily. He has written a “memory-improvement” column for Singapore Press Holding magazine ‘Shape’.

Nishant's Books & CDs


Audio CD

Audio CD
Instant Memory Improvement 11 Easy Ways To Become A Top Student 11 Easy Ways To Develop A Positive Mindset, Manage Time Effectively and Remember Things Easily

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Nishant has made appearances through various media channels like Singapore’s MediaCorp’s TV12 & 93.8 LIVE FM, Singapore Press Holding’s Straits Times & The New Paper, India’s Zee TV, Hongkong’s South China Morning Post to demonstrate that everyone can have a phenomenal memory by using the right techniques and practice.

Nishant Featured In Newspapers
SCMP,Hongkong    The New Paper, Singapore

Click here to view / listen / watch Nishant's Media Appearances

Some of his major achievements in the field of memory:
1. Memorized a 1944 digit number.
2. Memorized a 1200 digit binary number.
3. Memorized the sequence of 7 decks of shuffled playing cards (364 cards)
4. Memorized the sequence of 1 deck of playing cards in 1 min 50 seconds
5. Became the best Asian memorizer at the World Memory Championship 2003.


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Training Conducted By Nishant Kasibhatla

Trainer, Speaker &
Best-Selling Author

World Record Holder &
The Only Grand Master of Memory in Singapore



Nishant Kasibhatia