Grand Master of Memory reveals the secrets to....
Unleash Your Memory Potential And Become A Memory Genius  
In Just 15 Minutes A Day

Imagine...You being able to memorize any information with utmost ease and being able to recall everything with 100% accuracy. All the while having loads of fun!

(Irrespective of whether you think you have 
a bad memory or even a lousy memory!

Dear Future Memory Expert!

What could you ask for more?

Let me tell you about myself a bit. I was an average student with a below-average memory and hated to go to school, and later college. I always got "obscene" grades and was the butt of others jokes for years.

Fast forward the story. Today I am a Grand Master of Memory. For achieving this coveted  title, I had to execute and succeed in 3 memory tasks:

I exceeded all the 3 norms!

The reason I am sharing with you the details is because I want to tell you that if I can improve my memory, you too can!

Well...the facts.... 

Before you think that I might be born with this capacity or something weird like that, let me quickly mention some facts:

Fact 1: You already have a great phenomenal memory! You only need to unleash it!

Fact 2: Your brain can hold zillions of data.

Fact 3: With proper training and practice, your brain can perform what others would call miracles!

Fact 4: Irrespective of how bad (and ditching!) your memory has been, you still can take complete control of your memory.

Fact 5: Whether you are 8 years old or 77 years old (and anything in between), you still can improve your memory!

Sounds incredible, isn't it?

Imagine for a moment, that you do not have any kind of memory problem. How will that impact your life? 

Imagine the freedom you would have. 

Imagine the time you would save. 

Imagine what it can do to boost up your other mental faculties!

Its really overwhelming!

In this information age, learning is an integral part of your life. The rate at which the knowledge is growing is unbelievable. To succeed in this age of cut-throat competition, there are only 2 options.

Re-skill for the future OR Be left out. What is your choice? you have a scientific approach to cope-up with your learning tasks?

What have you done in the last 6 months to improve your memory? If you keep on doing the same things, you will keep on getting the same results. If you want to improve your memory, you ought to be doing something different. You don't want a book which will "tell" you about the memory improvement techniques. You want a program which will "train" your memory. A program which will hold you by your hand and motivates you to act on the techniques learnt. 


The Most Comprehensive 
Memory Improvement Program:
The Ultimate Memory Course



I call it The Ultimate Memory Course, because it's actually that. This course is your one-stop solution for exponentially improving your memory to an incredibly new level.

The entire course is outstanding. The technique for remembering speeches and presentations is the one I liked the most. I made seven presentations so far without the help of any kind of notes. This program has unlocked the creative part of my brain. It has facilitated me in believing that I can improve upon my memory and overcome my absentmindedness effectively.

                                                                                      Abhijit Tandon

This is the program I was actually looking for. Thanks for creating this course. This has helped me to overcome my stress which is nowadays very common in the busy and hectic life style. I never thought one can memorize a lot of information and can have a lot of fun at the same time.

                                                                                                 Taher Ali

Its amazing to learn that you can shape up your mind much beyond the imagination. This course helped me to memorize numbers in a very easy manner. Now, I am very confident that I can memorize any numerical data.

                                                                                         John Francis


This Course contains chock-a-block
full of memory techniques and exercises 
with the help of which you can 
conquer any conceivable memory 
problems you can ever think of!

With The Ultimate Memory Course, learn to use more of your brain power and perform wonders!

#1. Learn the Memory Mantras and apply them to see amazing results in an instant.

#2. Learn the tools to create impact which will make sure you memorize information fast and can retain for as long as you want

#3. Learn the 3 step process of memory and find out the one reason why 95% of the time people fail to memorize.

#4. Meet the 3 Devils of memory which act like dementors of your memory power.

#5. Learn the nature of memory, why it fails and what can be done to stop the failure.

The techniques of memory improvement have been around from more than 2,000 years ago. In spite of that, not many people know these techniques. And those who know these techniques do not derive any benefit, because there is no step-by-step approach which will guide them to unleash the vast potential of their memory capacity.

The Ultimate Memory Course will ensure your total success, which you truly deserve, by tapping into the power of your brain.  


With The Ultimate Memory Course you will also:

#1. Make sure you pay attention every time you learn something

Learn what inspires your brain to remember or forget

#3. Unleash your creativity and imagination

#4.  Tone up the powers of your concentration and observation

#5. Understand the language of the brain and communicate with the brain in the brain's language

The only technique people use for memorizing information is repetition. Please know that repetition( in most cases) is the most cumbersome, tedious and least result-oriented way of memorization.

How many times have you learnt something by repeating it many times spending your valuable time, only to realize later that all your effort has gone waste.

By becoming a Memory Genius,
you will be able to do all 
the following tasks (easily):

#1. Remember lists of any kind (to-do, instructions, jokes etc) in minutes

Remember statistical data, dates and numbers

#3. Remember telephone numbers, PIN no.s, credit card numbers, passport numbers etc

#4.  Memorize speeches and key points of presentations thereby eliminating the use of cue-cards and PPTs as memory reminders

#5. Maintain continuity of the presentation when interrupted by questions or distractions, all the while maintaining 100% eye-contact with your audience

#6.  Remember the names and faces of everyone you meet

#7. Come out of absentmindedness forever and save time and loss of mental-energy in searching for misplaced things

#8. Become famous in your existing social/professional circles



The Ultimate Memory Course is a 30-day program. It is written in an easy-to-understand format and prescribes certain tasks to be done on a daily basis. 

Each day, you spend as little as 15 minutes and in a month's time, you will reach what I call "The Memory Auto-Pilot Stage". 

Reaching the Auto-Pilot stage is an experience by itself
. With the exercises mentioned in The Ultimate Memory Course, you would have given your brain a great exercise and by the end of 30 days, memorizing would be second-nature to you. What a great state to be in!

The Ultimate Memory Course 
contains every information you will ever need to remember anything.


Ebook 1

The Memory Auto-Pilot manual

This ebook is your 30 day step-by-step, day-by-day guide to improving your memory phenomenally. 

Start with Day 1 today. You will be amazed with your progress thru the 30 day journey!

$ 29 Value

Ebook 2

The Ultimate Memory Course Manual

Contains every info you need to improve your memory, starting from the basics to the advanced.

Contains 6 Memory Techniques:

Technique 1. The most "basic" of all memory techniques. Any memory technique has to finally boil down to this technique

Technique 2. Helps you use the power of "linking" to glue together any number of bits of data 

Technique 3. The Ultimate System to memorize any kind of numbers by assigning sounds to the ten digits of the number system

Technique 4. This technique helps you to memorize abstract data such a technical terminology by converting the data into images

Technique 5. The most awesome memory techniques of all which helps you to remember vast amounts of data by using the power of location. I have personally used this technique to break many memory records!

Technique 6. This is the technique which you must use if you have to remember information in and out of sequence. I have included 5 variants of this technique!

$ 29 Value

Ebook 3

Applications of Memory techniques:

In this ebook, I have given elaborate examples of how you can apply the memory techniques effectively in areas such as:

Speeches & Presentations
Points of an essay-type answer
Coming out of absentmindedness
Foreign Language Vocabulary
Dates & Events
The Periodic Table
Technical Terminology
Law Sections
Formulae & Definitions
General Knowledge
Memorize a 30, 40 and even a 500 Digit Number

$ 29 Value

Ebook 4

Remembering Names and Faces

This ebook contains 4 simple yet powerful techniques to memorize the names and faces of people. You will never find 3 of the techniques mentioned here in any other memory course

$ 29 Value

It can't get better than this!


I was literally taken aback by the immediate results I achieved after reading the first ebook. And when I demonstrated the same to my family members, they could not believe it. It was great fun and great learning with the Ultimate Memory Course.

                                                                                              Priya Rani 

The whole course was absolutely awesome in terms of presentation and practicality. The way it enforced self-belief in my mental capabilities was simply terrific. Now, I can take on any challenge in terms of memorizing any kind of information. All the techniques were highly practical and useful in day-to-day life, helpful in reducing the time wasted while at work.

                                                                                             Adrian Loh

I have conducted my Memory training programs in several countries and so far trained more than 25,000 participants from virtually every walk of life in the past 11 years.

I have conducted my training programs in several MNCs and corporate houses with extraordinary results. 

Companies such as Coca Cola, Motorola, Nestle, Glaxo Smith Kline, British Telecom, LG Electronics, Petronas etc have used my services. I have charged thousands of dollars from each of these companies for training their employees.


I am offering this step-by-step 
Ultimate Memory Course at 
a special price of USD $67 only, 
for a limited period. 
I could have easily charged 
more than triple this price, 
and, very soon I will!



If you order this course now,
you will get it at a special price 
of USD $67 $47only



To make this course as result-oriented as possible, I am also including the following as  part of The Ultimate Memory Course. 


I am giving you 6 mp3 Audio Action Lessons - which will guide you on your journey.

$19 Value 

I sincerely wish you improve you memory and see how life changes instantly with your improved memory. You might have heard that most people use less than 5% of their brain's potential in their entire life time. 

If you want to get the extra edge among your peers, you need to use only a "bit" more percentage of your brain power. . If you do that, you will be on top! The Ultimate Memory Course is a great tool to unleash your brain's potential.

Well...there are side effects...

I am sure you will "love" these side effects. By using the The Ultimate Memory Course, you not only improve your memory power, but you will also tone up other mental faculties such as:


The confidence you have in your mental powers is central to the way you approach life. The Ultimate Memory Course will provide you tools to improve your overall brain power!

Thomas Alva Edison said long time back that: If you did all the things you could, you would astound yourself. I am sure that, even while using The Ultimate Memory Course, you will astound yourself with your new-found memory skills

Wait...I am also giving you 
these extra bonuses...


This ebook contains 50 exercises to sharpen your brain. A great workout for your brain in the departments of creativity, imagination, concentration and observation.

$29 Value


After you complete the 30 day exercises given in The Ultimate Memory Auto Pilot Manual. Every week for 3 weeks you will receive a special lesson on the following topics:

Week-1: Memorizing Binary Numbers
Week-2: Study Efficiency Techniques
Week-3: More Study Efficiency Techniques

$29 Value

I am so confident that you will derive enormous benefit from The Ultimate Memory Course, that I have taken out the risk factor for you!


Warning: Do NOT Buy This Course
Unless You Have Better Reasons Than The Following To Buy Any Book or eBook on Memory Improvement 

1. This course is developed by a memory expert based on his expertise in imparting memory improvement training since the last 11 years over 7 countries.

2. The author is a Grand Master of Memory and holds several records in the field of Human Memory. Don't buy anything from any T, D and H who have just compiled a collection of techniques by "copying and pasting".

3. This is not a compilation of some memory improvement techniques. This is a course which will motivate you to use the techniques by giving you a step-by-step ACTION PLAN which is easy to follow.

4. This is the most comprehensive memory improvement course you can ever find.

5. You don't have to buy any other book/ebook on memory improvement after you finish The Ultimate Memory Course.

You Can't Lose with My 100%,
Ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through my no- questions-asked, 100% ironclad money-back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me within 8 weeks and I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


I liked the practical and no-nonsense approach of teaching the memory techniques. I never thought I could improve my memory so effectively at the age of 47. If this helps me, I don’t see why it doesn’t help anyone. 

                                                                                    Anthony Reddy

Being a sales person, I have a necessity to remember numbers and names of people I meet. The joy and powerful impact of addressing my contacts with their names is something which I cannot explain in words. This course has impacted me positively.

                                                                                            Chris Berry

I have gone through some memory books earlier. But, by far, The Ultimate Memory Course is the most comprehensive memory improvement system I could lay my hands on. With the techniques learnt, now I am able to remember information so fast and with so much ease that I can’t believe it myself. This is the best course I have gone through in my life.

                                                                                   Amanda Cooper


The only thing which is expensive than a good memory, is the lack of it. Act now and grab this gem of a course. You will be happy you did!

 Yes, I am ordering The Ultimate Memory Course. I am entitled to get:

Ebook 1
The 30 day Ultimate Memory Auto-Pilot Manual
Containing step-by-step action plan to improve my memory phenomenally
$29 Value 
Ebook 2
The Ultimate Memory Course Manual
Containing Basics + 6 powerful memory techniques
$29 Value 
Ebook 3
The Applications of Memory Techniques
Containing detailed instruction on how I can apply the memory techniques in day-to-day life
$29 Value 
Ebook 4
Remembering Names and Faces
Contain 4 powerful techniques for remembering Names and faces
$29 Value 

ADDITIONAL BONUS I will also receive 6 mp3 Audio Action Lessons - which will guide me on my journey.

$19 Value 


50 exercises to sharpen your brain
$29 Value 
At the end of 30 days, Every week for 3 weeks I will receive 3 special lessons on the following topics:

Week-1: Memorizing Binary Numbers
Week-2: Study Efficiency Techniques
Week-3: More Study Efficiency Techniques

$29 Value 

I get the course along with the 
bonuses (total value $203) 
for a special price of 
USD $67 
$47 only


I also understand that if I am not satisfied with this course, I can contact you within 8 weeks for a 100 % refund.

What is an Instant Download?

After you order, you can simply download The Ultimate Memory Course to your computer. The ebooks of this course will be in pdf format and the audio lessons will be in mp3 format. You will need Acrobat Reader to read the ebooks. Most computers have the acrobat reader. Just  in case, yours doesn't, you can get it for free at
By taking advantage of Instant Download, you don't have to pay for any shipping, you don't have to wait for the postman, and best of all, there is no risk of your product being lost or damaged!

Wishing you a fabulous memory!

Yours memorably,
Nishant Kasibhatla

P.S.: The Ultimate Memory Course is a training program. It is not a book. You will learn the memory techniques from a memory expert "who's been there and done that". I not only "just know" the techniques discussed in this course, but I have put each technique to thorough test by participating at The World Memory Championships.

P.P.S: I have literally "boiled down" every memory technique to develop this program. What you will have in your hands is a wealth of information on memory improvement techniques/methods/strategies. This really is The Ultimate Memory Course.

P.P.P.S: Grab this course at the special price mentioned, for a limited time only. This is your best investment and the results you achieve will astound you and your friends. Act now before it is too late. Now is the time! 


If you have any queries, email me for a prompt response.
(c) 2007.         

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